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Boost your ultimate team account with unlimited free fifa 16 coins.

Free approaches to get fifa 16 coins

FIFA 16 coins and points are very difficult to obtain by simply playing match after match. In fact, it would take you several months or years of gameplay to complete the team that you have in mind. It is a long lasting and time consuming process. Obviously, everyone is looking for a way to get the best possible set-up and wants to buy the most expensive soccer players and items available in the transfer market.

We are here to help! 

For this reason, the fifa support community was born to play a supporting role. The Online fifa 16 coin generator tool was created by our dedicated team of developers to enhance your gaming experience and speed up the process. Undoubtedly, you will be able to compete with the big boys in the highest possible divisions. When you implement all the methods we offer simultaneously. Thus, If you accurately follow all the approaches we offer, you will be able to add unlimited fifa 16 coins and points to your ultimate team account.


Online available

The fifa 16 coin generator is 100% online available. Thus, it can be accessed through our servers and doesn’t require one single download.

Optimized security

The servers of the fifa 16 hack apk are protected with SSL-encryption to make sure that private information is never released to outsiders. Moreover, nobody will notice that you used the hacking tool.


easy and fast

Yes, is is very simple to get free fifa 16 coins. As a matter of fact, with one click on the button you will be able to add resources to your account. You will be done within a few minutes.

Tutorial: How to use the fifa 16 hack

 The fifa 16 hack is available for everyone to use. In fact, if you want to use it, just head up to the big button on top of this page. Here, you’ll be asked to share our website with your buddies on the social media. Afterwards, you will be relocated to the generator. It is evident, that you should activate the anti-ban protection and anonymous browsing. You can also choose to switch it off, but this might tamper the safety. Thus, it is highly recommended to activate the former mentioned features. Further, enter your username and select the amount of Free Fut 16 Coins you prefer. Start the generator and complete a quick and easy verification process. The verfication process is required to avoid bots from exploiting our hacking tool.


#1 Play games online

In the first place, you can start collecting by playing online fut games. Every single game that you play online will be rewarded with a fixed amount of coins. The value depends on the division you are playing in and can be found in the match award menu. Furthermore, it is important to realize that it does not matter whether you win or lose. Finishing the game will be enough to receive your reward.

#2 Activate the catalogue bonus

It is actually kinda funny that not everybody knows this feature already. When you are logged in on the ultimate team mode. You can simply click on R3 to enter the catalogue. Here, you can activate a bonus for the ten next upcoming games. In general, the bonus received for each match depends on the level of your account. As a result, the bonus will gradually increase when your level gets higher. The highest possible bonus is 1000 coins per match.

#3 Claiming gifts

From time to time, EA sports is providing a giveaway where you can randomly win great prizes. If you didn’t already create an account for their online application you should. Surprisingly, there is a chance to win a reward every time an account will log in on the app. Of course, this only works once a day. But with one simple click on the login button you can receive up too 2500 fifa 16 coins for free.

#4 Trade for profit

Trading in the online transfer market must be one of the best approaches to make a lot of in-game money. Usually, people tend to buy players and items that are low priced and resell them on the transfer market for a higher price. This is often done with items like contracts and condition cards. Moreover, if pay attention you will notice that most players on the market are sold for a way to low price. By buying all of these players and offering them for a premium price you can make a lot of profit. Do not forget that you will always pay a 5% commission on each sale you make. Thus, your profit should be higher than the former mentioned amount.

What are Fut 16 coins & the transfer market?

Fifa Coins are used in the online feature of FIFA 2016 and actually are used as an online in-game currency on the transfer market (TM). The transfer market is the store in the Ultimate team – FUT – Modes; which is the meeting place for all FIFA 16 Players who are looking to buy new players, items, trainers, composition swaps and all other items and players that you can possibly buy. In general, The TM is the most important place for you to spend your coins and the most important information can be found here. For example, the price of a certain player, the availibility of the player and which player will be a good addition to my fut team? Using the TM efficiently, can actually help you earn a lot of free fifa 16 coins to buy new players.


Fifa 16 is one of the worlds most popular football games. Correspondingly,  It is one of the several released versions of the sequences and is available on the Destkop, Xbox One, Xbox 360, IOS, Android and the Playstation 3 and 4. This is the first sequence of the game that includes female soccer players. Although, it has been a long thriving battle to add the female soccer teams to the game, but they succeeded. The game is a simulation, where you build your own customized team of soccer players, control your team, and beat your opponents. It is famous for its online multiplayer mode, where you can que against other players all over the world. The fifa 16 game includes: 78 different stadiums and 12 different national woman teams ranging from countries likes the United Stated as far as China.

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